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3D printed tools : 15ml cup holders

For my model railroad and model building hobby I often use these transparent TakeDis 15ml PP cups for mixing paints and washes. These cups, in the Netherlands called Sambal potje, you can buy for just a few euro / dollar (the last box of 250 cups I bought for euro 9,25). Because they are PP and are food save, paint doesn't really stick to it and you can easily clean them after usage to re-use them.

But after tipping one over on my wooden living room table, I decided I needed a holder for these cups. This holder inspired by the various paint bottle holders here on Thingiverse but are drawn from scratch.

The design can be download from my Thingiverse page :


Information regarding the cups I use :

Brand : TakeDis
EAN: 8710401548002
Color: Transparent
Capacity: 15cc
Material: PP
Food safe: Yes

But the design can be scaled for 10cc cups from DEPA (which I don't have).

Brand : DEPA
EAN: 8710653000037
Color: Transparent
Capacity: 10cc
Material: PP
Food safe: Yes

When somebody has these cups and uses Tinkercad, please contact me, I will share you the design so you can modify it.



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