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Although I work all days with computers as a Technical Specialist / Software engineer, I like the old kind of hamradio's. That's why my equipment list contains old radio's (no tubes) without modern digital stuff in it (although I like a digital readout). Pure analoge and without fancy stuff like DSP's etc.

Transceivers :

Receivers :


Handheld :


Other :

  • Condor 16 modified for 2 meter usage incl software generatred CTCSS (Sold)


Antennas (active) :

  • 2m/70cm J-Pole (homemade)
  • 2m 9 element tona Yagi
  • 10/20/40mtr end-fed longwire (homemade permanent setup)
  • 6m horizontal dipole (homemade)
  • Diamond X50


Antennas (standby for field days and experiments) :

  • 2m Slim Jim antenna (homemade from 450 Ohm ladder line) for portable usage
  • PA0FBK's 2/70 portabele coax antenne (image)
  • Single beam 2m 4 element Yagi (homemade based on 28 Ohms 4 element design by DK7ZB)  for portable usage
  • glassfiber 12.5 mtr telescope including :
  • end-fed longwire box (homemade) with
  • 10/20/40mtr end-fed longwire
  • 10, 12, 15, 17 mtr end-fed wire for vertical usage
  • dipole box (homemade)with
  • 10, 12, 15, 17,20, 40mtr dipole wire set


Antennas (in-active) :

  • Single beam H/V 2m 4 element Yagi (homemade based on 28 Ohms 4 element design by DK7ZB) (Replaced by 9el tona)
  • Single beam 2m H 6 element Yagi (homemade based on design by ON6MU but with other gamma matching) (Replaced by 9el tona)
  • Multiband end-fed longwire (homemade for receiving) (Replaced by 10/20/40mtr end-fed)


Some photo's :

From left to right, top to bottom :

  • My good weather experimental endfed vertical wire setup.
  • 9el 2m yagi, diamond X50 and 6m dipole
  • DIY ZM4 QRP tuner
  • My latest rig . . . old-skool Yaesu FT-221R (love this little rig)


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