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GPS clock with multidrop databus

Using GPS modules in variouse projects I started to get a shortage on space in the shack window. And because a new project arrived who also need GPS for synchronization and timing, I wanted to look for a good base setup which could be shared between various projects. That how the GPS clock with multdrop databus came to mind.

Basiclly it's build out of the following components :

  • good quality GPS receiver with external antenna
  • arduino based GPS clock which also TX a stream of decoded GPS data (differential driver TX)
  • a raw GPS datafeed and a 1pps output (both differential driver TX)


The GPS receivers contain use differential RX buffers to connect to the multidrop bus. For the multidrop bus CAT6 cables can be used or any other twisted pair and shielded cable.



On this page new idea's and the progress about this system will be published. So stay tuned.

Also when you have comments, idea's etc for this system or would like to team up building one for you're own. Please contact me.

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