2014 December walks

2014 December walks


2e Christmas day

Second Christmas day qrp field walk with the XYL. Working variouse stations from JO32fi (52.3529 - 6.4334) with my FT817nd just 2.5 watt in the original portable 6m/2m/70cm (matched with a LDG Z817) on 10m. Top of the day were Alex RW3RN, Aris SV3FUP and Makl UR5MKB. Distances where 2032km, 1954km and 1772km . So a nice km/watt Happy with the results.

28 december - G5RV /J first field test

Although its just 1°C with a 3 bft wind i wanted to test my newly build G5RV/J in the field. First scan with the RigExpert gave a promissing result.

After some alignment made a few QSO's and got good signal reports. Happy with the results.

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