2015 April walks

2015 April walks


6 April

Enjoying the second easterday with a nice walk on the Salandse heuvelrug (around JO32fi) with the XYL Eva. After that we found a nice spot to take a rest, I mad ea /QRP fieldday setup. Always nice to listen to ongoing QSO's with just S0~S1 background noise while enjoying the weather, the company and the view.

Didn't make very much QSO's but got a few special eventstation to the list like R12RD, R120RA and 9A19RBM, make some short QSO's exchanging RST and locator with a few other OM's. Most of all it was nice to speak again to Jordi EB3DYS and we had a nice long QSO about the hobby.

Great talking to you again Jordi, always nice to meet you on the bands. 73 de Lex

The setup : FT817 with Z817 tuner on 10/20/40m diy endfed antenna. Extra 12V 7Ah battery as aditional powersource.

XYL Eva taking a break from some work the took with her (the thermo blanket is a must have when you're XYL is coming with you for a walk).

The view from the fieldday location.

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