2015 January walks

2015 January walks


24 january

On 24 january there was the first true snow in my QTH area so the XYL and me went for a nice walk on the Salandse Heuvelrug (JO32fi : 52.3529 - 6.4334). And like always I have my FT817nd with me including the LDG Z817 and 10/20/40m DIY endfed. During a break on the top of the hill, we found a nice place to hanged out the endfed. The XYL took the my camera starting, makes photographs from the area and I fired up the FT817nd to listen for stations. And after some tuning a few nice QSO's where made.

  • Svein JW9JKA (59 send 55 recv from JQ78wo 2942 Km Bear island EU-027)
  • Serge ER3GS (59 send 57 from KN47ms 1680 Km)
  • Sascha PH44ZU (59++ send 59++ from JO32fg 10 Km) :-)
  • Jordi EB3DYS (57 send57 from JN11ck 1255 Km)

Not much, but all made with just 2.5W and happy with the results.

Some pictures from the walk and fieldday location.

My lovelly XYL Eva

No table today, so using the best next thing availible.

The endfed hanging

Getting a 59++ from PH44ZZ which was a supprise, but he was just 10Km to the south.

The sun is doing down, time to go home.

on to the next walk. . .

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