2015 July walks

2015 July walks


26 July

So far so good.Had big plans today working in the field. took all i needed with me : xyl for the company, coffee, some food, my newly build ILER20, diy end-fed antenna, cables etc.

Hung out the end-fed and.......nothing, not even S1 background noise.

Changing the cables left the end-fed box as the source and it had a broken wire on the chassis part and having no soldering iron with me, I thank god I also put a Z-Match tuner in the case.

Tuning took some tune but before a QSO could be made a park ranger (BOA) for Staatsbosbeheer who just a few minutes before handed out some fine's for:

  • a motor guy who wanted to take some pictures of his bike in the field outside the walking paths
  • dogs without a lease

came by and asked me what the hell I was doing, letting my know that he was incharge and in function.

Having been asked that question before I explained him a few things about /P setups and why we do it. Also showed him my license card (which he checked in his car on his /P computer) and explained to him that I have no harm intended with my setup and. Validating my license and hearing my story, he started to look more confused by the minuted and told us that he never met a Hamradio operator before in the park.

Knowing he couldn't do anything about it (because I didn't break any laws, the /P setup was in a picknick area and the /P setup is cleanly removed in under 2 minutes) he started to talk about the park and that for some things licenses are needed. For example when you want to make commercial pictures these licenses can go up to Euro 1000,00.

Explaining him that Hamradio is not about commercial gain, but I would be happy to contact Staatbosbeheer by mail or phone and ask them the question regarding working /P in the park.

Update 11 august 2015 : After getting in contact with StaatsBosBeheer, I wrote on 7 august 2015 a e-mail to them asking the information about the above and explaning them why I asked the question. On 10 august 2015, a employee from the organisation confirmed the recieving of the e-mail and let me know the had send it to the department "Beleving en benutten". So the waiting starts.

Update 21 oktober 2015 : Still not having received a answer to the question I forward the e-mail again to StaatsBosBeheer, explaining that I allready send a e-mail on 7 august 2015 which was confirmed on 10 august 2015 but that I haven't received a answer. The same day, the same employe of StaatsBosBeheer confirmed the reception of this e-mail and regrets that the deparment haven't replied and will forward my e-mail again to the department marking it Urgent. So the waiting continues.

Update 26 december 2015 : Still not having received a answer to my question, I have printed out the both e-mails which include the reception confirmation from StaatsBosBeheer and put them in my FieldDay presentation folder.  So when the parkranger (BOA) askes questions again, I can show them to him and point out that his organisation, being commissioned by the Dutch government, has to reply within a reasonable time but regrettably failt to do so.

IMHO the case is closed.

The setup : ILER20 MK2 with DIY ZM4 tuner longwire. Extra 12V 7Ah battery as aditional powersource.


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