2016 May walks

31 May

After both having a long day at work, my XYL decided that she needed to run things off leaving me in-charge of dinner and also plenty of time to think what I would do that evening. The weather was a nice 23 C with a almost clear sky.  And after a look at some DX info pages, the best thing . . . Sporadic-E in Europe (big smile).  So after making dinner and eating it. I called Gerald PA3GEG if he had time to join in in this fieldtrip (unfortunately he had other things to do but would be QRV in a hour), packed my QRP setup and took off to the Distelbelt.

The Distelbelt is a small nature reserve in the east part of the Netherlands (JO32gn) and has a nice small artivisual hill which can be used by visiters as a lookout post to spot birds, enjoy the view etc. It's one of my favourite locations because of the low man made noise in that area and offcourse the view. My XYL and I even go there to look at the stars (low artificial light) with a telescope.

Setting up a glassfiber pole with the enfed as a vertical, I contacted Gerald PA3GEG for a sketch on 40m. Which sadly didn't work out because of the bad conditions, but then we switched to 6M and signals where coming in from all over europe. So after a short QSO and 73, we where going both our own way.

But like said best part of the Diselbelt is the absolute low man made noise (S0) (way much better then the S7 at home). And although the conditions wheren't that great, I took the time to listen to various QSO's and made a few my self.

The big supprice was that I could work a few stations on 6M with just the stock 6m/2m/70cm rubberduck antenna (the one is shiped with the FT817nd). So when there are conditions it works perfect.  Also made a few on 6M with on the 20m endfed (I just had to try it, the Z817 did his work).

After the Sporadic E started to disappear I switched over to 20m and even with 2.5W no problem making a few nice QSO's. 17m was booming to and tried to work Brazil (PY5QW 59+20) and the US, but couldn't break through the pileups.

But hey, it was just 1.5 hour in the field, but a days worth of fun :-)

Equipment : Yaesu FT817 QRP rig, LDG Z817 tuner, 20m DIY endfed (aditional monoband wires with me) and a 12.5m glassfiber pole.

Location :  Distelbelt(NL) JO32gn 

Yes it's a terrible location for a fieldtrip. ;-)

And then the sun is going down.

Time to pack things up and go home.

The log of this fieldtrip (like said, not many, but some nice QSO's).

Date TimeOn Call Freq Mode RST_S RSTR Name IOTA LOC Power
2016-05-31 19:43 LZ2016KM 14.252 SSB 59 59 Special
KN22DQ (1717 km) 2.5
2016-05-31 19:41 9A8DXG 14.26 SSB 59 59 Dxpedition EU-090 JN82DJ (1344 km) 2.5
2016-05-31 19:37 YO8SJN/P 14.242 SSB 57 57 Robert

KN24XK (1683 km)

2016-05-31 19:29 IZ7DOK 14.242 SSB 59+10 57 Marco
JN90CH (1625 km) 2.5
2016-05-31 19:18 EA3AYQ 50.152 SSB 56 54 Joaquim
JN11MS (1228 km) 2.5
2016-05-31 19:15 EA3EVL 50.19 SSB 55 55 Pablo
JN00HR (1390 km) 2.5
2016-05-31 18:50 EA1CP 50.19 SSB 59 59 Jesus
IN73BM (1360 km) 2.5
2016-05-31 18:37 PA3GEG 50.197 SSB 57 52 Gerald
JO32HJ (19 km) 2.5


28 May

On 28 May the FieldRadio FaceBook group organised there first international field radio event. Although bad weather was predicted that afternoon I took my bike and "power" fieldkit (FT897). Started out good, made a few non IFRE contacts and then the rain gods spoke loud. The place had absolute no shelter possibility so completly socked there was only one option : pack the bags and go home.

Ending for my contribution for the firtst international field radio event.

The setup : FT897D with 2 build in FNB-78 battery packs, LDG Tuner and 10/20/40m diy endfed antenna.

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