Ender 3 Pro - silent upgrade

Through a mailing list I found out that Creality started to ship the new Official Creality New Upgrade Silent Mainboard V4.2.7. The biggest advantage of this board is that is super silent. No more that whining sound during printing.

In a nutshell : 

  • The TMC driver is super quiet!
  • Bootloader installed (ISP/USB Arduino)
  • Firmware up-gradable over SD card (just place the correct firmware.bin file in the root of a empty SD card, power up, wait 8 seconds, and your done).
  • Suitable for Ender-3/Ender-3 Pro /Ender-5/Ender 5 Pro 
  • Firmware 4.2.7 comes pre-installed on this board  

I ordered the board and after a few days it got delivered at my doorstep. Hmm ok, Ender 3 ? Thought I ordered a Ender 3 Pro board. 

No problem there. We will fix it later. 


Unboxing and it looks like a legit 4.7.2 board. 


And as expected the preloaded firmware is for a Ender 3. 


Time to get the tools out. 


Always make a photo of the assembly before exchanging parts or disconnecting cables. 


Told you to take a photo, didn't I ? 




Everything hooked up again. 

Because the firmware is up-gradable over SD card I went to : https://www.creality3dofficial.com/pages/ender-series and select the correct firmware (in my case : Ender 3   Pro_Firmware_32bit _4.2.7_Marlin2.0.1_V1.0.1_TMC2225 ). Download the firmware file and placed the bin file in the root of a empty SD card. Inserted it in the SD card slot of my printer, power up, wait 8 seconds, and Bob's our uncle. 


It says Merlin 1.0.1 and a release date of 2020-04-05.  Date is a bit strange but ok.


Lets do some testing. First Auto Home mode.  (sorry for the "it's F*ck*ng quiet" a the end).

And print a few parts.

It is indeed F*CK*NG Quiet.