For Sale : QRP-Labs filter adapter PCB V2 for NanoVNA (parts)

Project Description Type Price
(excl shipping)
QRP-Labs filter adapter V2 for NanoVNA PCB V2 for the QRP-Labs filter adapter for NanoVNAproject. PCB Euro 3,50 40



(show OSHPark prototype)

Note : picture is assembly example, PCB is sold without headers and edge connectors. 

Remark : when required I can sell the PCB including components or even assembled for a extra charge.

Use contact form if your interested. 

2020-07-01  update : I have ordered a new batch of PCB's and hope that the arrive in a one to two weeks. 

2020-07-07  update : The PCB's have arived. :-)   

QRP-Labs filter adapter V2 for NanoVNA Set Gerber files to order you own set of 3 PCB's at Gerber files Euro 3,60 On demand (use contact form)


Note : for personal and one time production only. Hamradio clubs who want more then 3 PCB's, should contact me (use contact form).  

QRP-Labs filter adapter for NanoVNA PCB holder forQRP-Labs filter adapter for NanoVNA 3D print (PLA) Euro 2,50 Printed on demand

Color choice  :
white, grey, black, yellow.



(excl the SMA thumb screws).


Design now including 4 pins which you could glue into the base plate

so you don't need special screws.


Giving it a fancy look.


And a smooth base.

Note : when you have access to a 3D printer, tou can download the STL files form TinkerCad ( ) or download a ZIP file containing the STL files from this link (QRP-Labs NanoVNA Adapter Baseplate free of charge. 

A small fee as a token of appropriation / commission to support my work is very appreciated (see : Support & Tip Jar).



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