For Sale : QRP-Labs filter adapter PCB for NanoVNA V2 (parts)

Note : this PCB is designed for the NanoVNA V2 with 46mm connector distance in mind so the PCB can be directly connected to the NanoVNA V2 with male SMA chassis connectors.

When you have a NanoVNA V1 or don't want to use male SMA chassis connectors, check out this page

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QRP-Labs filter adapter for NanoVNA V2 PCB for the QRP-Labs filter adapter for NanoVNA V2 project. PCB Euro 4,20 10




Note : picture is assembly example, PCB is sold without headers and edge connectors. 

When you want a complete kit or a full assembled and tested adapter

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QRP-Labs filter adapter for NanoVNA V2 Set Gerber files to order you own set of 3 PCB's at Gerber files Euro 4,50 On demand (use contact form)


Note : for personal and one time production only. Hamradio clubs who want more then 3 PCB's, should contact me (use contact form).  

QRP-Labs filter adapter for NanoVNA V2 PCB holder for QRP-Labs filter adapter for NanoVNA V2 3D print (PLA) Euro 3,50 Printed on demand

Color choice  :
white, grey, black, yellow.



Design now including 6 pins which you could press  into the base plate

so you don't need special screws.


Giving it a fancy look.


Note : when you have access to a 3D printer, you can download the STL files form TinkerCad ( ) or download the STL file 

QRP-Labs NanoVNA V2 Adapter - plate with holes and 6 pins (update version).

free of charge. 

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