Just some thoughts

Just some thoughts


See our life as a train ride. . .

6 march 2018

We can see our life as a train riding a railroad. When riding the mainline, you will cross a tremendous amount of switches.

These switches can guide you from the main line to the side tracks or guide you back on the main line.

We like to be in control of these switches our-self, but often other pull the handles for us, guiding our train to tracks we didn’t expect.

These tracks can become our main line on which the ride can be pleasant, interesting, inspirational, annoying or even horrifying.

Then it's time to find a switch and change track.

Sometimes the ride can be interesting and relaxing at the beginning, but when the landscape doesn’t change enough you may wander off and lose interest or inspiration.

Then again it's time to find a switch and change track.


See our life as a role playing adventure . . .

12 november 2002

Life's like a role playing adventure.

You need to solve the puzzles first

before they let you go to the next level.



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