Non electronic chess

On this page I will show some information about the non electronics chess stuff I have. 

Where it all started  

This board and pieces belong to my mother who got it when she was ... years old. 

  • Kings height : 
  • Square size : 

TODO : insert images the old board and pieces --    

My second chess board and pieces  

For some reason I lost my old chess board and pieces during a move. But lucky that I still had my  Chess Challenger 7 from Fidelity Electronics so when I wanted to play I could take that one. But when my kids where old enough to play chess I bought a new board with pieces to teach them and for them to play with.  

  • Kings height : 78 mm
  • Square size : 40 mm





Scaling up DGT TimeLess pieces  

When I had the opportunity to get my hands on a (old, used but good condition) set DGT TimeLess pieces I bought them and with that ordered a new chess board fit for these large pieces.  

  • Kings height : 98 mm
  • Square size : 55 mm





Cheap roll-up travel set  

When I travel I often have this cheap roll-up travel chess set with me. I store it in a cardboard tube so I only need a table to roll out the board.  

The pieces are light but heavy enough to be stable. And the vinyl board is a little getting used to. 

  • Kings height : 64 mm
  • Square size : 35 mm



Pocket size travel set  

I once bought this pocket size magnetic travel chess set. Although the pieces are very large for the fields it's a nice stable chess set compromise.  

The pieces are light but heavy enough to be stable and the magnet are strong enough to hold them in place. I cut 2 pieces of thin metal sheet to keep the pieces from going all over the place when they are taken off the board. When I'm traveling most of the time it's replaced by the above roll-up chess set, but when traveling light (or know there is limited table space) this is my set to go. 

  • Kings height : 30 mm
  • Square size : 13 mm






Kings line up (aka The Usual Suspects)


From left to right : 

  • DGT TimeLess - Kings height : 98 mm
  • DGT Centaur - Kings height : 86 mm
  • Second chess board and pieces  - Kings height : 78 mm
  • DGT Pegasus - Kings height : 70 mm
  • Cheap roll-up travel set - Kings height : 64 mm
  • Chess Challenger 7 - Kings height : 50 mm
  • Pocket size travel set - Kings height : 30 mm


DGT3000LE chess clock

Although electronic the DGT3000LE is not a chess computer so I put it here. I bought it to spice up the chess games I play against my kids. We all don't like to work on the clock, but it's a good training to learn to deal with time limits. Most of the time we play 10 minute rapid with no bonus time per move. It's battery powered (2 x AA battery who last for a very long time).

I can say a lot about it, but for the real specs, check out the DGT website.


The underside contains a list of options this chess clock supports (and it's a impressive list). And it even allows you to configure 5 options of your own.




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