Privacy Policy (AVG)

Privacy Policy

The only thing we log is the request from you're browser (so you're public IP and what you request from the server) in our webserver logs. We use that to generate statistics  for my personal usage to see how often pages are request and which pages are the most interested by the viewers (assuming the number of requests per page says something about the interest value of the page).

What about the cookies?

The only cookie which is used for this website is a small session cookie and one I use to edit this website. The session cookie is stored on you're computer and can be deleted without a problem.

What about the contact form?

The contact form is directly connected to a mail service from my hosting party and only sends the e-mail to my pre configured personal mail account. So every thing you enter will be send to me personal and will be treated as a personal e-mail. The privacy policy, cookie policy etc from my hosting party (SoHosted) can be found here.

Why no https?

We don't have https at the moment because our hosting package doesn't support it at the moment. But we are working on a migration.


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