LoRA antenna (update)

LoRA antenna (updated version of my first)

After some comments on the forum of TheThingsNetwork (link) I made a new antenna to check if the first one was luck that it worked. Some improvements could be made, so check out the info below.

I changed the overall length a bit and added a (closed) top loop to get a better SWR.

New lenghts are : 177 - 345*3/4 and 315*3/4mm.

So : Connector - 177 mm - first loop - 345*3/4 mm - second loop - 315*3/4 mm - top loop.

Close-up of the top loop.

SWR measurment result

The SWR plot of the new antenna (looks better then the previouse version).

Note : the small light line is the SWR line of the J-Pole antenna.

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