Regner Vincent

Regner Vincent

2 years ago my son Joost said he wanted to have something special for his birthday. And after  2 years of saving birthday gifts and saving all he didn't had wanted to spend, and waiting for it to be made, just before Christmas 2016 I got a call from Modelbouw Atelier Apeldoorn that I could picked it up. Joost now got own Regner locomotive named Vincent.

And ofcourse he had to take it for a ride on the gardenrailroad.


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Modifications #1

A steamtrain without a whistle is like christmas without a christmas tree. You can stand it, but it's not the same as with. So in the week after christmas I called Modelbouw Atelier Apeldoorn again if he had a Regner Steam whistle on stock and if so to send it to me by mail. 

After a hour installation it was time to check if all was fitted well.

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Modifications #2

Regner live steam trains are really great and the Easy-liners a great way to get aquantes with live steam model railroading. But one thing is always difficult. Filling up the gas tank.  Regner designed the gas fill valve that it can be filled with a standard Butan tin when using a special adapter. It works, but most of the time you are leaking gas all over the place and getting you're fingers frozen.

A fellow live steam collega, who is  into English live steam, told me that there was a small company who sells Ronson self venting filler valve. These valves could be installed into the Regner gas fill tank with a little handy work and then the gas filling could be done with normal cigarette lighter re-fill gas tins. But unfortunately he forgot the name of the company.

After some googling I came across the website of Chuffed 2 Bits Ltd who sells these little adapters including a model with a M5x0.5 thread (which was to one to get). But also a complete "you don't have to modify anything just replace it" replacement gas filler valve assembly, which includes a Ronson self venting filler valve. I ordered one and after a week the postal worker droped a small envelop with the assembly inside.

So I installed it and tested it. It works perfect.  I highly recommend these valve's as replacement for the Regner gas filler valves.

As you can see in the video below, no more gas spilling.

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Modifications #3

Although not really a modification, its a must have for store-ing and transporting you're live steam train. A good solid wooden case, filled with foam and with a nice compartment for parts and tools. A hardwood base plate holding the locomotive in place and can be used for a dry run and two additional blocks of foam for the front and back buffer hold everything in place.


Modifications #4

We bought a few brass cast parts from Regner at ModelBouw Atelier Apeldoor (Henk Bunte) to give the Vincent some light in dark days.





Vincent in the snow

On 7 January  we where surprised with a nice layer of fresh snow in the morning and Joost tought it would be the perfect condition for a winter snow steam ride.

And off-course the little Vincent had to do some work.



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