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Ethics & Ethiek


Amateur radio is all about ethics, and I can't say it better then John - ON4UN and Mark - ON4WW on they website

I quote :

Over the past decades, and not surprisingly together with the introduction and growth of the Internet, the behavior of the radio amateurs on the bands has significantly deteriorated. In 2008 John ON4UN and Mark ON4WW wrote a comprehensive document entitled "Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur", document aiming to become a universal guide for newcomers and old-timers alike on the subject of operating ethics and operating procedures. In 2008 this document was accepted by the IARU AC (Administrative Council, the highest body of the IARU) as representing the point of view of the IARU on the subject. During further regional IARU meetings it was emphasized that the document be made available via all means, and at no cost, in as many languages as possible to the ham radio fraternity.

When you're interested in amateur radio, you're a new comer of even a experianced OldMan of YoungLady, please visit the website


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