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Jul 31, 2022
Category: General
Posted by: lex

The used Elecraft K2 I got my hands on needed some work on the 20m band and for the alignment of the 20m BPF I could follow the Elecraft manual. But owning a NanoVNA . . . . . well you know where this is going ;-)

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Jul 30, 2022
Category: General
Posted by: lex

I got my hands on a used Elecraft K2 which needed some work. 

And as always I started working on it and added a usb mod

Jul 12, 2022
Category: General
Posted by: lex

My OZ2CPU digitale RF mW-dBm-mV meter has a  input range from 1nW to 1W which is good enough for QRPp rigs and my TinySA has a imput limit of +10dBm / 10mW.  When you want to measure on equipment which gives more output power, you need a serious set of attenuators, or you could build yourself a 40dB RF sampler.

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