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OZ2CPU digitale RF mW-dBm-mV meter


To make power measurments to the Ultimate3 I was using a very simple QRP meter which wasn't good enought to make real low power measurment (below 500mW).There for I was looking around for a digital RF mW DBm mV meter and one of the OM's at a Veron/VRZA Twente had build a OZ2CPU digital RF mW DBm mV meter. I was quite impressed with the possibilities of this kit and found out that Kent Electronics was selling them as a kitt.

Because the basis PCB had 2 measurment PCB's to it, I orded a extra AD8307 so I could also use it for SWR and Diff measurments. The kitt is for most build with SMD components so a little experiance with these components is a must.

I could write a lot about it on how it was build, but I think the pictures will say it all.

It's alife . . .

My local component supplier (Explorer Elektronica in Almelo) had a nice metal housing on stock which was perfect for the meter. So it's time for heav metal.

Un-connected input and no shielding on the measurment PCB's.

I connected a DIY very low power 2m beacon transmittor to see if it would do the trick. Well it did.

Looks nice allready but no shielding yet for the measurment PCB's.

Old-Skool hamradio casing. Was a time ago but still got it (should do that more often)

I soldert 2 wires from the box to the door (when I have time I want to solder 4 brass nuts in the box).

A bit of tape to close the door and it's done.

To be continued. . . .

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