Yaesu FT-221R

Yaesu FT-221R

My fourth 2m allmode rig. Bought it just because I could. OM didn't use it any more and was way off-frequency.

Did a lot of recalibration and trimming and a
fter replacing the RF RX fed's and checking the the rest of the Rig (removing the modules one after the other and cleaning them) it came back up-and-running. Applied a CTCSS mod like I did on the TS-700G and now its also able to work local repeaters. Instead of a external box I used the fix frequency switch to select one if the 4 dutch CTCSS frequencies.

I can allready say, by design and control my favorite 2m allmode rig. To the point controls and got's everyting in it. Next mod will be a variable power output. 

Use it for 2M local and repeater QSO's. Didn't have the opertunity to use it DX SSB but hope to do some this summer.

More info at RigPix.

Update sept 2019 :  due to a high level of QRM and man made noise in my QTH I is hard for me to operate from home in SSB and CW.  That's why I sold every rig or receiver that wouldn't fit in my backpack, was heavier than 5Kg or wasn't made for /P operations. Yeh, QRM sucks.

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