Yaesu FRG-7 mods


Stiff dial on the end of the band.

My FRG-7 the dial was quite stiff and resisting when you where turning from one end to the other end of the band. At first I thought it was because of some mechanical defect, but it turned out that it was much simpler. 

I found that the mechanical band limits (a set of special shaped washers to prevent over turning the dial) where suffering from aging grease and dust. This mechanical limiter can be accessed from the bottom side. 


A few strokes with a brush to remove the dust, a few drops of special railroader oil, a few full turns over the band and the problem was gone. 


It now runs without any resistance.


BI-Color Lock LED

One thing I found a bit strange about FRG-7 is that the LOCK led is ON when there is no lock in the Wadley loop system. Maybe the have design it so with a lower power consumption in mind (the FRG-7 can run on internal batteries), but to me it feels strange. So I had intentions to reverse the function of the led, ON when locked, OFF when not locked. But when I was looking for information and a copy of the Leaflet of the FRG-7 I came across the website monitor.co.uk. They have a page about the FRG-7, with copies of the manual, the circuit diagram and the Leaflet. But above all a cleaver and simple mod using a few transistors and a red/green bi-color led as a lock indicator.

I made the mod using the Manhattan style .


I removed the original led and installed the bi-color led in it's place.


Ready for testing.


Some close-up of the points where picked up the lock signal, the +10.5V and GND.  


The final installation of the mod. 




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