Just a small diorama

Just a small diorama

Last week I started to experiment with Styrofoam for building roads and wall using self designed 3D printed stamps for the brick and stone patterns. After making some small tests, I wanted scale up a little and see if I could make a small street scene using these technics. It's far from ready, but I think it starts to look like something.

Note : all photo's can be zoomed in when viewed in your webrowser. They are scaled on this page to 50% for better reading.  All photos of my 0 gauge projects can be found in high-res on google photos in a google photos shared album full resolution album.

These are the stamps I made on my 3d printer for pressing the bricks and tile shapes into the blue styrofoam.

  • Material : PLA from 123-3d
  • Printer : Creality Ender-3 Pro


This was the first setup. I used thin blue insolation foam glued on wood. Pressing the stamps in it leefs a dend of about 0.5mm which is good enought to make the texture appear.

The small window is 3D printed and painted black and glued in a cut out hole. A small rat from Busch modelroad supplies is also added.

The rain pipe is made from Evergreen plastic sheets and rods.


Although the weathering started to look good, I missed a few things to make it more interesting. So I 3D printed drain covers in 2 models and cut out some space to put to glue them into.

Adding some 3D printed and weatherd barrels to give it some ambiance.

I think it starts to look good, but don't think its ready yet. But for now I can put on display in our livingroom cabinat.

Note : all photos of my 0 gauge projects can be found in high-res on google photos in a shared album : https://photos.app.goo.gl/N1U8JVJbP6JCwNDv7