Warhammer meets 0 scale

Warhammer meets 0 scale

Best way to spend a #weekend in a very hot Netherlands and to clear your #mind. I found a 3D sketch of a Warhammer terrain prop on thingiverse and printed it as a test. I liked the result and because it's near 0 scale I decided to paint it. Used a gray base primer and worked up with various layers of Vallejo acrilic paint. Added real fine sand to give the base a more natural look and used a mixture of wood glue and water to fixate. Added small stones (shifted from the sand) to add more shape and color to the base. Added fibers to give the idea of grasses around it (of course they are yellow because of the contaminated soil around the barrels). Barrels have a few bullet holes with oil leaking out. The rust is first applied rough and smothed out with a light wash. A few other washes added more time and decaying to it.

Note : all photo's can be zoomed in when viewed in your webrowser. They are scaled on this page to 50% for better reading.  All photos of my 0 gauge projects can be found in high-res on google photos in a google photos shared album full resolution album.


And again  . . .

Again a 3dPrinted Warhammer40k tabletop prop for a weekend hobby paint project. First I applied a base cover with a sand colored primer (Vallejo 73.614 Sand Grey), painted the drums in white / green (Vallejo 70.820 Off-White / 70.970 Deep Green). Next I applied a layer of woodglue and used fine real sand to cover the base. After a few hours of drying, I dyed the sand with a mixture of darker sand colors (all Vallejo #ModelColor paint) and rough sand was glued to the base to add more "rocks". Again after a few hours of drying, I used superglue (gel which is slowly drying when not in contact with something) to mark ares where I wanted to make grass tuffs and using Noch  grass fibers (yellow / green) with a home made electrostatic "Grass-Master" (from a electric flyswatter). Then I drilling a few hols (1.2mm) in the based as a place holder for Woodlandscenics field grass (Gold) which I bundled and glued with superglue to make long grass tuffs. Added 0.6mm bullet holes in the drums (hey its Warhamer40k) and painted the holes black and used a dark gray wash (Vallejo 70.517) to create "oil spill" on the drums and also on the ground. After that I applied multiple layers of dry-brushing with variouse Vallejo ModelColor paints to add dirt on the rocks and dirt and rust on the drums. I finished with a Vallejo "light-rust" wash 76.506 for the finishing touch on the drums and ground.


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