Spoor 0 A4-tje

Spoor 0 A4-tje

Or a 0 gauge papersize diorama on a A4 standard piece of paper with the size of 297 mm x 210 mm.

Note : all photo's can be zoomed in when viewed in your webrowser. They are scaled on this page to 50% for better reading. Or check out the full resolution album.

The first study of the thema.

When I build my Fernsprechbude I didn't had any plans to build a small papersize diorama at all. But after visiting Rail2018 with the A4 Diorama Wedstrijd the idee was born . So on my weekly trainrides I started to draw a piece of track based on the original photo's and construction descriptions. You can imagine that the train conductors where looking a bit supprised.

A side view of the  Fernsprechbude installation with water duckt and railbed.

Just a drawing of the switching cable support.

Making it real.

When the main draw / design fase was done, it was time to redraw it on tracing paper which I could use on the styropor foam which I cut to the standard A4 size.

And then I found out that a straight track is boring.

So I took a old piece of curved track which was big enough for the A4 size.

Partial test.

On Ontrax2018 I bought a special mix of sandstone which coulde be used for the rail bed. But before ging it a try on the A4 layout I wanted it to test it on a small piece of track.

The result after using a mixture of wood glue and acryl paint (burned amber).

After a day drying. Result by daylight. I added some rust details with a bit of Valleyo paint (TODO : add color number).

Close-up of the result.

Lets start

Happy with the result of the small partial test I put the railbed on the A4 diorama. Unfortunaltly I didn't make any pictures of the cutting of the styropor foam and building of the concrete wall.

The styropor foam was cut in to the landscape shape and apinted with a "burned amber" acryl paint. The concrete wall was made for Evergreen polystyrene plates and the ditch was filled with fine sand a small stones.

I used a modified electronic fly swatter for the grass and added some bushes.

Then it had to dry for 24 hours.

Then on the backside of the diorama grass and some aditional plants and vegetation was added.

And I had to wait another 24 hour for the drying.

The result by daylight. But I'm not happy with it. The grass is to monotone and will needs some work.

But the flowers (weeds) look nice though.

A little yellow grass fibers where added and it started to look more real.

Some aditional vegetation and weeds.

Time to make it look real.

The rails and railbed got aditional weathering adding some more rust and details to the train ties.

Also I made the railing from brass wire.

It really starts to look used.

The some aditional weathering was applied to the railings and concrete.

Another close up of the railbed.

Is it finished?

No it isn't but for now it's good enough. There will be more details added like the switching wires and holders. And some small supprices will be added.

Birds eye view.

The original drawing

It's 2019 May 27, i was cleaning up a cabinet and found the original drawings of this project. For a future reference I scanned them so I could include them here.

Click on the image for a large view in a new tab/window.

The scratchpad drawings.

The work drawings.

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