Köf III under a blanket

Köf III under a blanket

June 2019 had some warm weekends, so we decided to take it slow this weekend. For me it was perfect to do some modelrailroading in 0scale. I had a 3dprinted köf in part laying around which I had planned to put under a blanket ready for transportation.

The base frame was made of modelbuilding wood and I used glue and copper pins for the montage. A few layers of Vallejo paint, some drybrushing, a few washes and it was ready. The blanket was made from a Kleenex tissue soaked in a mixture of woodglue and water. After a night drying it was again time for a few layers of Vallejo paint, a lot ofdrybrushing, a few washes and some airbrushing. Looking at it I'm happy with the result.

Note : all photo's can be zoomed in when viewed in your webrowser. They are scaled on this page to 50% for better reading.  All photos of my 0 gauge projects can be found in high-res on google photos in a google photos shared album full resolution album.

Note : the pictures on the white board are looking darker then real-life and there are more details.


Some more weather

I bought a bottle of Vallejo Enviroment 73.823 SLIMY GRIME and tested it on a piece of foam I use to build walls.

I liked the result and added some small aditional details to the wooden base of the Köff.

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